Contributor resources for face-to-face Masterclasses

Important information for contributors of Masterclass series

Face-to-face Masterclasses

Key information and tools to enable your support of face-to-face Masterclasses.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a short induction 

These documents are not for use to run Online or Livestreamed into School Masterclasses.

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Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and we all have a duty to act. Supervisors oversee the pastoral and safeguarding care of the students in Masterclasses. 

Any volunteer can ask the Masterclass team for safeguarding training.

The Ri Safeguarding Policies webpage contains:

  • Ri safeguarding policy
  • Ri safeguarding procedure.
  • Contact details of the Ri's Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs) 
  • Report form for reporting any safeguarding incident arising in Ri Masterclasses

Adult contributors who either have safeguarding concerns or have received a disclosure:

  • Report this Masterclass series supervisor without delay.
  • Complete the safeguarding report form and send this to us without delay. 

Concerns about possible immediate harm? Call 999 and report it to the police immediately. If you are not sure how to proceed and cannot reach one of the Ri's DSOs, call the NSPCC for advice and support: 0808 800 5000

Volunteer speakers, and helpers

Attending adult contributors should read the relevant information document, containing safeguarding information and an introduction to help you get the most out of your volunteering experience. You are welcome to ask the organiser or supervisor for a short safeguarding induction prior to attending a Masterclass, or contact

Masterclass supervisors

Masterclass supervisors are responsible for the pastoral care of the students and the overall running of the session. They must have a DBS check and remain in the workshop room with the students throughout the Masterclass. Other areas of responsibility include:

  • General health and safety: ensure all adults and students follow venue health and safety guidance, and relevant risk assessments 
  • Data handling: storing and handling students' personal data securely
  • Hosting attendees: welcoming and supporting the speaker, students and helpers

Supervisor handbook and pack

The Masterclass Supervisor Handbook and supporting photography guide provide essential information and procedures for all supervisors on their responsibilities when supervising Masterclasses. 

All supervisors, even experienced ones, should review the Supervisor Handbook periodically to refresh their knowledge. 

Supervisors hold a pack of documents throughout each Masterclass session. This is provided by the Masterclass organiser in advance – the pack content is listed in the supervisor handbook.

Supervisor pack: registers and emergency data

Registers and data in the supervisor Pack:

  • Adult register (downloadable)
  • Sixth form helper register (downloadable)
  • Sixth form emergency details (downloadable)
  • Student register – supplied by the Masterclass organiser
  • Student emergency contact details & relevant medical/allergy/accessibility info – supplied by the Masterclass organiser (review this before the Masterclass in case there is anything you need to be aware of in advance)
  • Photo permissions – Details of which students have had photo permission waiver signed

These documents contain personal data and should be kept securely and out of sight, though the emergency details list should be accessible in case of emergencies.

Supervisor pack: risk assessments

Your organiser can supply a general risk assessment for the venue in the pack, and may go through elements of it in advance with you. For example, you will need to know emergency procedures such as fire alarm evacuation procedures and what health and safety 'house keeping' needs to be announced to attendees at the start.

It is rare that a speaker requires a written risk assessment specific to their Masterclass since most only undertake classroom-style activities. But do check with them before the start if they want to highlight specific risks in your 'house-keeping' announcement.

Always be vigilant for risks such as trip hazards and improper use of sharp equipment.

Further notes

All documents and templates are updated and published at least annually in advance of the new academic year. Please ensure you are using the latest copy. Please feel free to contact us if there is something missing from this list that you think could be useful.

The tools and information shown here are the property of the Royal Institution of Great Britain and are protected as set out in the terms and conditions below. They are intended to support the work of Ri Masterclass volunteer groups and must not be used, shared or reproduced for any purpose other than this. Please do not share this page via social media or with anyone other than your Masterclass group.