Ri Freer Fellowship Terms and Conditions

What is the fellowship?

The Ri Freer Prize Fellowships are intended as writing-up awards for doctoral candidates researching the history of science; history of the Royal Institution; or heritage conservation science. Ri Freer Prize Fellowships are awarded based on candidates’ ability to identify and communicate the significance and potential of their research in a compelling way that can engage a general interest audience. For further details see the Criteria for Assessment.

Expectations from the Ri regarding the fellows:

Reference the Ri/Ri Fellowship in any publications/talks:

Any Freer fellows will need to provide on any publication or materials relating to talks or lectures that they are current Ri Freer Fellows.

Notify the Ri of any talks or publications so we can advertise:

Please notify the Freer Fellowship to administer of any publications, talks, lectures etc that you are involved with so we can help advertise across our platforms such as social media and newsletters.

Freer Fellowship to be included on fellow’s CVs going forward:

After you have received your fellowship offer letter fellows should add the details of the fellowship on their academic CVs

Working on site

We are able to offer you some office space onsite at the Ri should you need it.

This includes the use of Wifi and other facilities, pending staff approval.

Public engagement 

You are expected to engage with various teams and departments of your choice at the Ri for some public engagement whilst you are a Freer Fellow. This might include demonstrations, public lectures, or digital content such as a blog series or social media content.

Guides and training will be supplied to each Fellow on how to create content that is in line with the Ri’s strategy and quality standards, which the Freer administrator will help facilitate.

Stipend – Each fellow is entitled to 18,000 during their fellowship

The stipend is to pay for maintenance incurred whilst in your final write-up year and not for university fees.

We are unable to offer any extra funding on top of the stipend at this time, including travel expenses or conference visits.

The Ri will send 4 payments at the beginning of each quarter to the Fellows.

Data protection:

For the Ri’s full data protection policy please refer to this link


As a Freer Fellow, you are expected to conduct yourself in both your professional and personal life (including on social networking sites) in a manner that will not damage the reputation and good name of the Ri, and at all times to observe a high standard of personal and professional integrity