What we do

Find out more about our vital work to bring the public and scientists together, and its reach and impact, including our annual reviews.

What we do

From live events in our Theatre to activities for schools and young people, whoever you are and wherever you are, we have many opportunities for you to explore and get involved. We are a home for science and everyone is welcome.

In our building

Take part in live events with the world’s leading thinkers, and explore the history of the Ri in greater depth at the Faraday Museum.


Bring science into your home with our livestreamed events.

If you miss the live event, or simply want to catch up on our vast back-catalogue of talks and videos, our YouTube channel allows you to watch many of our Ri Talks, along with some of the best original science videos on the web.

Or explore more science online with our blogs, podcasts and stories from our collections.

For schools

Students can experiment in our L'Oréal Young Scientist Centre laboratory and meet leading scientists during demonstration-packed live events. Or we can bring science to your school, with our explosive school science shows.

Aspiring mathematicians and computer scientists can also take part in extended hands-on Ri Masterclasses with specially trained experts at over 140 locations around the country.

For families and young people

As well as our demonstration-packed live Theatre events and Family Fun Days for families and young people, many of our L'Oréal Young Scientist and Ri Masterclass activities are available as workshops during school holidays.


Our world-famous CHRISTMAS LECTURES were started by Michael Faraday in 1825. They were first broadcast on television in 1936 and are still going strong today

We are constantly adding more CHRISTMAS LECTURES to our online archive available for anyone to watch online.

Our Ri Members and Patrons

If you're interested in how the world works, or how to make it work better through science, why not join the Ri as an Ri Patron or an Ri Member?

Anyone can join us and help inspire everyone to think more deeply about science and its place in our livescreate equitable access to science, bringing the public and scientists together to share their interest and passion for science.

Our impact

Find out more about our work, reach and impact over the years in our Annual Reviews and Impact Reports.