With thousands of hours of footage and hundreds of images, we have a wide range of content available to licence.

digital camera viewfinder showing a woman in a black evening dress demonstrating a physics experiment
Image credit: Katherine Leedale

We have a substantial archive of recorded talks, science demonstrations, images and shows.

With thousands of hours of footage and hundreds of images of iconic scientists, experiments and historic objects, we have a wide range of content available for licence, including:

  • Christmas Lecture footage
  • Talks, animations, shorts, clips
  • Pre-recorded science shows for schools and families
  • ‘Experiment at home/school’ videos for children
  • Images of events, speakers and demonstrations from the 19th century to the present day
  • Images of objects from our historic collection & archive
  • Podcasts of science talks from the Ri

We actively work with publishing companies to licence content and IP, and we are open to new partnerships.

We also take commissions.

Image licensing

Many of the best-known images from our collections can be viewed at Bridgeman Art Library and at the Science Photo Library. These include paintings on display around the building, along with photographs and watercolours from our archives.

You can also purchase reproductions and license images for publication through these services.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Want footage of a particular demo? A pre-filmed science show on a particular topic? Or an image not already available online?

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