Our code of conduct for Ri visitors

Read the Royal Institution's code of conduct for visitors, and help us to create a great experience for everyone.

Code of Conduct: Visitors

The Ri's mission is to build on our heritage to create opportunities for people to discover, discuss and critically examine science and the way in which is shapes the world around us.

In doing so, we are committed to creating a welcoming and respectful environment for all.

All participants attending or engaging with Ri public activities (whether online, in person or elsewhere) are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct. We understand that some of our events seek to present different viewpoints and perspectives, and therefore ensuring that we create an environment which is welcoming, respectful and safe for all participants is paramount. 

Through this code we are empowering all members of the Ri community to engage in creating a safe and friendly environment by reminding everyone to always behave with respect, courtesy, and professionalism.

Code of conduct

Be kind, considerate and aware that certain language and images can offend groups and cultures different to your own. If you have any doubt about whether specific language or images, for example in a Theatre talk presentation could be misinterpreted, please do not use them. 

We will not tolerate harassment, intimidation, or insults toward any person or groups of people, whether verbal, physical, or written, and in-person or online (i.e. including on our livestream chat function, networking channels, social media, and email). 

Harassment includes, but is not limited to: 

•    Offensive or unwanted comments on gender, race, age, religion, physical appearance, disability, sexual orientation 

•    Use of sexual images, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, or stalking 

•    Sustained interruption of speakers or those asking questions 

•    Unwanted photography or filming

Intimidation includes, but is not limited to: 

•    Making threats 

•    Bullying 

•    Physical attacks 

Behaviour that results in damage to any Ri property is not acceptable and anyone doing so will be expected to pay for repair, replacement, and/or cleaning.

All decisions about appropriate or inappropriate behaviour are at the sole discretion of the Ri staff leading the event or activity.

If you see or experience inappropriate behaviour, please contact a member of Ri staff as soon as possible or email ri@ri.ac.uk. Ri staff are available to help anyone contact venue security, or if necessary the police, and to assist anyone experiencing inappropriate behaviour to feel safe for the duration of the event or activity.

The Ri reserves the right to ask any individual to leave an event or activity (whether in-person, or virtual) if they break this Code of Conduct or are reported for doing so. Anyone asked to leave under such circumstances will not be given a refund of any fees, will not be allowed to stay in the venue and/or will not have access to the virtual platform for the remainder of the event. The Ri reserves the right to take further action against anyone who breaches this Code of Conduct, including but not limited to not allowing attendance at any future Ri events or activities.


In summary, when attending an Ri event or activity, please be kind, considerate and respectful, be mindful of others around you and help to create a great experience for yourself and your fellow participants.