Our mission, vision and strategy

We believe in a world where science is for everyone.

Our strategy

Our current strategy, launched in 2023, strengthens our commitment to enabling the public and scientists to come together to share their interest, curiosity and joy about science; a purpose more vital than ever before. It sets out how we will reach new and more diverse audiences, deepen their engagement with science, and increase our positive impact.

Our vision

Science is for everyone.

Our mission

The Ri is a charity that brings the public and scientists together to share their interest and passion for science. We empower people to explore and get involved. We are a home for science and everyone is welcome.

Our belief

Science transforms lives and underpins the modern world – from health to the latest technology, the environment, and the furthest reaches of our universe. Science is part of culture, but not everyone has the same opportunity to engage. The Ri believes there should be equitable access to science, and that people’s desire to engage with science and scientists should be nourished.

Our strategic values

Welcoming – We are open, friendly and accessible. We are inclusive and diverse, sharing science with people from all backgrounds, all places and all levels of knowledge and interest; from leading scientists to anyone who is curious about the world around them.

Experimental – For 200+ years we have innovated and played with how science is shared with the public, presenting it in thrilling and invigorating ways. By being experimental in how we work and engage, we build deep and sustained connections to science.

Impactful – We are focused on making a positive impact in people’s lives. We listen to our audiences. We evaluate what we achieve and how we achieve it. We demonstrate success.

Collaborative – We co-operate and co-create with others; within the Ri, with the public, and with organisations across the scientific community and beyond.

Open – We don’t believe the story of science is ours alone, or that we have all the knowledge and ideas. We are a platform for discussion and debate, recognising that there may be as many questions as answers.

Our strategic objectives

To create a space for scientists and the public to explore science together.

To drive deeper engagement with science and the Ri.

To enable more people engage with science through the Ri.

To enable science to be shared in engaging ways.

To inspire students to have a future with science.

To build on the Ri’s heritage of scientific discovery, demonstrations and pioneering public engagement.

To shape a thriving and sustainable Ri.

Watch our Director talking about our 2023-2028 strategy