FAQs for Ri livestreams

Read more about how to attend our livestream talks, and watch recordings of them after the event.

What software do you use?

We use Vimeo for our livestream events, and we will email you a link to attend. You can watch in your browser, on a laptop or mobile device.

I can't make the livestream - can I watch the recorded version later? 

Yes! You will have priority access to the recorded video for two weeks after the event has taken place. Please use the event link you have been provided with.  

My video hasn’t started 

If the live event hasn’t started at the start time, please refresh your page. We will let you know if the event is late to start.   

How do I turn sound on? 

When you first open the link, you may have to click the ‘Unmute’ icon on the video. If there still isn’t any sound, check that the volume on your device is up high enough, and not turned off.    

How can I add subtitles? 

There is a ‘CC’ icon on the bottom right hand corner of the video. You may need to hover your mouse over the video to have it pop it.  

Once ‘CC’ is clicked, you will turn on closed captions for the video. These are automatically generated so some of the wording might appear as incorrect.  

My video keeps stopping 

This is usually down to the user internet connection so try refreshing your webpage or opening the link in a different browser. If that doesn’t work, let us know via the chat box or events@ri.ac.uk.   

How do I open or close the chat box? 

The chat box will have three dots in the top right-hand corner. You can click on this to either close, or open, the chat.  

How do I ask a question? 

There will be a Q&A session for most of our events. If you would like to ask a question, you can write it in the chat. The Ri host will then relay some of these questions to the speaker at the end of the session.  

I can't afford the minimum livestream donation

We understand that the cost of living has increased significantly. If you are unable to afford the minimum ticket price, you can email events@ri.ac.uk to enquire about a free ticket.