Science shows at your school

Kickstart your students' passion for science with our interactive Science in Schools shows.

a woman with her arms spread wide and and a test tube with smoke coming out of it
Sophie Ward demonstrating a screaming jelly baby, Image credit: Edward Moore

School science shows 

The Ri is the largest national provider of science shows for schools, with a wealth of experience in making science for kids engaging and fun.

Our Science in Schools programme brings one of our trained presenters to your school for the day, to deliver:

  • Two performances of your chosen science show to school groups
  • A CPD session for teachers
  • And a twilight community show.

We have a choice of three shows that can be tailored to suit either 4–7, 7–11, or 11–14 year-olds.

What happens at a Science in Schools show? 

When our science presenters enter a packed school hall, they can sense the children’s excitement and anticipation. Not only is it a break from the normal school routine, it’s also a chance for children to enjoy an explosive introduction to the power of science. 

All of our shows are jam-packed with experiments, explosions and hands-on participation by the children. They’re available for the same price anywhere in the UK and can be tailored to suit primary or secondary school audiences. 

We have a range of shows that you can choose from: 

Explosive food 

Learn about food and its often explosive nature.

Find out about the incredible amount of energy contained in the food that goes in your mouth in this show packed with exciting chemistry and physics demonstrations.

Suitable for: key stage 1, key stage 2, key stage 3, primary school years 2–7, senior school years 1–3

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Energy LIVE! 

Energy LIVE! is an exciting audience led show, delving into the different stores of energy and how they affect our lives.

Through lively, fire-based demonstrations we take the intimidation out of the terminology around energy and show you just how simple this subject can be.

Your pupils will leave not only knowing their elastic from their gravitational, but also fired up (pun intended) about energy and with a newly-enthused approach to science.

Suitable for: key stage 1, key stage 2, key stage 3, primary school years 2–7, senior school years 1–3

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We've got the power 

Explore the chemistry of fossil fuels, particularly the production of CO2; the history of our understanding of CO2’s effect on the climate; and the physics and chemistry of storing electricity.

Find out why we need to stop burning things and what we could do instead to fulfil our needs in the future.

There’ll be lots of demonstrations and of course, we will be setting things on fire!

Suitable for: key stage 1, key stage 2, key stage 3, primary school years 2–7, senior school years 1–3

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Book now

Email us at or call us on +44 (0)20 7670 2904 to book a visit from one of our presenters, for more information or to discuss a bespoke package of shows for your school. 

Frequently asked questions

Can families watch the show?

Yes, the highlights of the show can be combined in an evening community show for families and the wider community.

How long does a Science in Schools show last?

The shows all last for an hour without an interval.

Why do we offer CPD sessions?

Not everyone who teaches science has a background in science themselves. A CPD session with one of our professional presenters can help build skills and confidence to inspire children with practical science in engaging and simple ways.

How many teachers can take part in the CPD session?

The CPD session is for up to 15 teachers.

How long does the CPD session last?

The CPD session lasts an hour and is usually delivered immediately after school. 

Where can we run the CPD session?

The CPD sessions can be run in any available classroom or school lab.  

How much does a Science in Schools show cost?

The price for two performances of your chosen show for students, one CPD session and one community show is £800+VAT.