Masterclass contributor resources

Important information for Masterclass supervisors, speakers and helpers

Contributor roles

Adult contributors attend Masterclasses to fulfil one of the following roles:

  • Masterclass speakers lead the workshop, either alone or in a small group, and are usually responsible for developing the content of the session
  • Masterclass helpers support the students, speakers and supervisors, assisting with running activities and supporting the students' learning
  • Masterclass supervisors have greater levels of responsibility, being in charge of the pastoral/safeguarding care of the students. They are always present in the Masterclasses to oversee the on-the-day running of the workshops and manage the speakers and helpers. A series of Masterclasses may have more than one supervisor who share responsibilities

Additional contributors who plan Masterclasses: 

  • Masterclass organisers are those who plan and run the series, ensuring everything is in place for the workshops to run safely and effectively. They recruit and liaise with the students, speakers and helpers to attend

Type of Masterclass series

Information for all contributors on their responsibilities can be found here:

Review these documents in advance of your Masterclass series to refresh your knowledge, especially if you are a supervisor. Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and these documents will help you take on that responsibility. Face-face and online Masterclasses have different formats, so please make sure you visit the correct webpage for the type of Masterclasses you will be involved with.

The Masterclass team are happy to support any contributor who would prefer a verbal overview of the relevant guidance – please get in touch to arrange a briefing.

Ri Policies and Code of Conduct

All contributors must abide by the Ri Safeguarding Policy for Children and Ri Masterclass Code of Conduct, and supervisors handling personal data must abide by the Ri Data Protection Policy.

Further notes

All documents and templates are updated and published at least annually in advance of the new academic year. Please ensure you are using the latest copy. Please feel free to contact us if there is something missing from this list that you think could be useful.

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