How to watch our talks online

What device should I use?

All our livestreamed talks are run through Eventbrite.

We've found Eventbrite works best on a computer, so we recommend using a computer for the best viewing experience.

If you prefer to use your mobile phone or tablet, we suggest watching the event on your device's web browser (not the Eventbrite app) whilst holding your device sideways, in landscape mode.

How to watch our talks

  1. Click on the ‘Book tickets’ button on our website's What's On pages to book tickets on Eventbrite

  2. Register for a ticket on Eventbrite using your name and email address

  3. Your will receive your ticket via an email from Eventbrite

  4. To access the event, follow the link in this Eventbrite email

  5. On the Eventbrite webpage, click the ‘Access the event’ button, which is on the right-hand side of the page with a white background

  6. To ask the speaker a question, take part in the online chat or take part in any polls, type your name into the chat box.

    If you're using a mobile or tablet, try turning your device sideways, in landscape mode, to see the chat box.

  7. If the livestream hasn’t started yet, there will be a countdown to the event

  8. When the livestream begins, you can share your comments and questions using the chat underneath the video.

    Keep an eye on the chat for more information from the Ri, such as links to buy a speaker’s book.

What if I miss the talk?

Don’t worry if you miss the livestream.

We keep our event videos live on Eventbrite for one week after the livestream ends, where you can watch them using the original livestream link.

Don't worry if you've lost the link, we automatically resend it to you after the event has finished. If you don't receive this email, please check your spam filter.