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How It Works

Aimed at everyone from 8 to 80, How It Works is a fully illustrated, vibrant science and technology magazine that explores the fascinating world around us.

Ever wondered what would happen if you fell down a black hole or how to build a supercar? Then this magazine is for you!

Every issue is jam-packed with the most exciting advances in science and technology and features everything you need to know about how the world around you – and the universe – works.

Use science to learn tricks on a hoverboard, discover how robots could soon be administering your medicine, find out how your brain really operates, take part in saving our world’s oceans and much, much more.

Ri Members and Ri Patrons can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on subscriptions to How It Works magazine.

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Whizz Pop Bang – Ri Young Member offer

Whizz Pop Bang is an award-winning science magazine that brings science to life for six to 12-year-old girls and boys (and their families who regularly tell us how much they love it too).

Each issue is jam-packed full of awesome articles, easy experiments to try at home, hands-on science crafts, puzzles and our new silly science feature – perfect for anyone who likes a giggle! Printed on lovely, thick, un-coated paper (so that kids can colour, scribble and record their science results in it), Whizz Pop Bang is a top-quality magazine that’s built to last.

Ri Young Members can enjoy a 10% discount on any subscription to Whizz Pop Bang magazine.

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National Geographic Kids – Ri Young Member offer

National Geographic Kids is an exciting monthly magazine which gives boys and girls a whole new way to learn and explore their world.

Packed full of fantastic facts about science, geography, history, popular culture and exciting things to make and do, a National Geographic Kids subscription is a great resource for children, parents and teachers alike.

Ri Young Members receive £7 off annual subscriptions to National Geographic Kids.

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Book offers

We've teamed up with Bloomsbury Sigma to offer a 20% discount on their titles for Ri Members and Ri Patrons.

Ouch! by Margee Kerr and Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Through in-depth interviews, investigation into the history of pain and original research, Ouch! paints a new picture of pain as a complex and multi-layered phenomenon. 

Authors Margee Kerr and Linda McRobbie Rodriguez dismantle prevailing assumptions about pain and uncover a truth that we instinctively know but seem to have lost in a misguided quest for a state of perfect painlessness: not all pain is bad, not all pain should be avoided. And in the right context, pain can even feel good. 

Models of the Mind by Grace Lindsay

In Models of the Mind, author and computational neuroscientist Grace Lindsay explains how mathematical models have allowed scientists to understand and describe many of the brain’s processes, including decision-making, sensory processing, quantifying memory, and more.

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