Summer events 2019

Our exciting programme of events from May to August is now open for booking. Don't miss out!

Paul Wilkinson

Filming our events

Many of the events in this programme will be filmed and available on the Ri YouTube Channel a few months after the event. Subscribe to receive notifications each time a video is released.

Ri Patrons Present

Ri Patrons are valuable members of the Ri community who are dedicated to supporting our charitable mission. We are pleased to announce a new event series. Open to Ri Members and the public and free to Ri Patrons, these events explore science and society with the same excellence in science communication you've come to expect from all Ri events.

Join us in May as we discover what animal emotions can teach us about ourselves, discuss miraculous microorganisms in June and end the season with our ExpeRience event exploring the science of music.  

Summer programme

The new season of Ri talks is now available to book online.

Running from 8 May until the end of August, we have an amazing range of events that you won't want to miss.

Join us as we discuss what really works when it comes to education, explore our Summer season with the Cosmic Shambles Network and discover the science of behaviour change.

This July we'll be marking the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with two events; Small steps and giant leaps and Into space with Kevin Fong.

Browse our What's On calendar online to book your events today.

Don't forget, Ri Members can attend Discourses for free and receive tickets to our talks for just £7.


The Summer season of Discourses will start on 23 May with Prof Sheena Cruickshank revealing the latest remarkable developments in immunology.

On 28 June, Dame Caroline Dean will discuss her ground-breaking work on how plants recognise the seasons using molecular memory systems.


This season's Family Fun Day is in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry on 1 June and it's all elemental.

We also have Michelle Dickinson discussing her kitchen science cookbook, Christopher Edge is back with a new science novel for young adultsKevin Fong will explore human survival against the odds, Peter Wright will demonstrate the Wonderstruck rocket show and Dan Plane is back with Feel the Power.




Themed events

We have a number of themed events throughout the season.

We'll be hands-on with the International Year of the Periodic Table at our Family Fun Day and Eric Scerri will shed light on the history of the periodic table.

We will be working closely with The Genetics Society to celebrate their centenary and exploring genetics across various areas in science. Dame Caroline Dean will discuss her ground-breaking work into the molecular memory systems of plants and Gareth Williams will unravel the history of the double helix.

Our three-part series entitled 'The Batteries are Coming!', in collaboration with the Faraday Institution continues on 13 June with How batteries will change our world. Part three will take place on 10 September. 

You will also find events on the themes of 'Who Am I?', 'Science in our lives' and 'Great moments in science'.