Spring events 2019

Our exciting programme of events from January to April is now open for booking. Don't miss out!

Katherine Leedale

Filming our events

Many of the events in this programme will be filmed and available on the Ri YouTube Channel a few months after the event. Subscribe to receive notifications each time a video is released.

Ri Patrons Present

Ri Patrons are valuable members of the Ri community who are dedicated to supporting our charitable mission. We are pleased to announce a new event series. Open to Ri Members and the public and free to Ri Patrons, these events explore science and society with the same excellence in science communication you've come to expect from all Ri events.

Join us in January as we discover mental health in the digital age, explore the future of money in February, discuss the human Martian in March and the art and science of attribution.

Spring programme

The new season of Ri talks is now available to book online.

Running from 11 January until the end of April, we have an amazing range of events that you won't want to miss.

Join us as we discuss what life really is, explore an animal dissection live on screen and discover the science and art of attribution.

After CERN's announcent, we will have a special event discussing the next generation collider, the Mega-Collider. Tickets are likely to sell out quickly. 

Browse our What's On calendar online to book your events today.

Don't forget, Ri Members can attend Discourses for free and receive tickets to our talks for just £7.


The Spring season of Discourses will start 25 January with 2016 Christmas Lecturer Saiful Islam, as he explores the huge challenge of sustainable energy.

On 22 February, forensic anthropologist Dame Susan Black will discuss identity through forensic investigation

Nobel prize winner John O'Keefe will discuss how we know where we are in the world on 29 March.

The last discourse of the season will be on 26 April by geologist Christopher Jackson who will show us how to look inside a volcano. 


This season's Family Fun Day is on 23 February and we'll be getting hands with the 2018 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

We also have Claire Benson exploring fire and explosions, Suzie Sheehy will discuss the world of particle physicsMatt Parker will explore the bizarre ways maths can trip us up, Michelle Dickinson will discuss her kitchen science cookbook and Peter Wothers will explore the explosive side of the periodic table. 




Themed events

We have a number of themed events throughout the season.

To celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table, we'll be exploring the history and future discovery of elements and taking a more explosive look at the periodic table. 

We will be working closely with The Genetics Society to celebrate their centenary and exploring genetics across various areas in science. We'll explore the genetics behind obesity and dieting and hear from the woman who identified breast cancer genes

Our three-part series entitled 'The Batteries are Coming!', in collaboration with the Faraday Institution starts on 12 March with 'The battery – inside out'. Parts two and three will take place 13 June and 10 September.