Schools' video hangout with NASA

UK students have the chance to take part in a video call alongside US schools and pose their questions to Christmas Lecturer Kevin Fong and experts from NASA on the subject of the 2015 CHRISTMAS LECTURES:
'How to survive in space'.

In December 2015, Tim Peake became the first Briton in space for more than 20 years and a new member of the European Astronaut Corps. As Tim adjusts to life on board the International Space Station (ISS), Kevin Fong's CHRISTMAS LECTURES take us on a journey from planet Earth into Low Earth Orbit and beyond. Throughout the three-part CHRISTMAS LECTURES series from the Royal Institution, Kevin, accompanied by special guest appearances from ISS astronauts, revealed what daily life is like 400 kilometres above the Earth.

We are now offering UK schools to take part in a unique opportunity to join a video hangout with Dr Kevin Fong, experts from NASA and US schools to ask questions about the science and technology covered in the series. Hosted by Dr Steve Jacobs (Wizard VI), schools will be able to ask questions to be answered by experts after watching the Lectures for free online at

How to Survive in Space Hangout #1 Tuesday 23 February 2 – 3 pm GMT

This hangout will be about Lecture 1: Lift off. Kevin will be joined by Stephen J Damico, NASA Power and Propulsion Engineer

How to Survive in Space Hangout #2 Wednesday 24 February 3 – 4 pm UK GMT

This hangout will be about Lecture 2: Life in orbit. Kevin will be joined by Lara (Liz) Warren, a member of the ISS NASA Communications Team. 

How to Survive in Space Hangout #3 Thursday 25 February 2 – 3 pm GMT

This hangout will be about Lecture 3: The next frontier. Kevin will be joined by Trent Smith, from Aerospace Flight Systems at NASA Kennedy Space Center, and Massa Gioia (Joy-ya), Life Sciences Research also at NASA KSC. 

UK schools interested in asking questions should register their interest by emailing and indicating which day they would like to take part. To take part, you will need to have a microphone and speakers connected to your computer and your computer connected to a projection system to allow the students to see the event easily. Please make sure that your webcam is pointing in the direction of your students to allow for the video chat to take place.

Only one school is able to take part in each hangout, but other interested schools will be able to watch the discussion at:  Tuesday 23 February Lift off! Wednesday 24 FebruaryLife in orbit Thursday 25 FebruaryThe next frontier

This event is delivered in partnership with Faraday Studios  and NASA Digital Learning Network.