Royal Institution launches new online workshops for schools

The Royal Institution has launched a new series of online science workshops for schools as part of the L'Oréal Young Scientist Centre programme.

Royal Institution launches live online workshops for schools

The hour-long sessions are tailored for pupils in key stages one, two and three, supported by the Ri’s reputation for explosive, engaging and scientifically robust education activities. The L'Oréal Young Scientist Centre, founded in 2009, is an imaginative laboratory space for young people aged 7-18 and their teachers to experiment and explore science and technology.

Delivered live from the laboratory – just metres away from where Humphry Davy isolated 10 elements of the Periodic Table and Michael Faraday developed the world’s first electric motor – the workshops represent real-time education, offering greater pupil engagement and interaction than pre-recorded content.

Multiple classes at a single school can participate at the same time, meaning many more children can learn together, while in their own classrooms, than it would be possible to host in a laboratory setting.  

Lucinda Hunt, Director of the Royal Institution, said: “We have taken the opportunity during lockdown to increase the range of opportunities the Ri offers for people to engage with science online. These workshops for younger schoolchildren build on our popular livestream talks for adults and families, and our Covid-secure Science in Schools Programme.

“There is lots of pre-recorded content available, so we were keen to deliver these sessions live, to enhance engagement and opportunities for the children to participate just as they would in a classroom.

“These new sessions are as close as possible to the hands-on exploration the Ri is famous for, and that is so valuable in developing children’s confidence and critical thinking skills.”

Thierry Cheval, Managing Director at  L'Oréal UK and Ireland, said: “The purpose of the L'Oréal Young Scientist Centre is to ignite a passion for scientific discovery, encourage curiosity-driven learning and therefore inspire young people to consider a future in science. Over the last decade, it has shown thousands of young people how exciting and fulfilling a potential career in science can be. We are delighted to now bring the centre’s offering online as part of our ambition to make science education accessible and inclusive.”

Each one-hour session from the Ri includes practical experiments and fiery demonstrations focused on fundamental topics such as physical versus chemical reactions; the fire triangle and chain reactions; and states of matter, with children encouraged to make predictions and take observations.

Available for a limited time only, from May to mid-July, workshops can be booked by emailing


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