Ri Science podcast

The Royal Institution has launched a new podcast featuring thought-provoking lectures from the world’s sharpest minds.

Alice Roberts talks to Richard Dawkins in an upcoming episode of the podcast.
Royal Institution


For centuries, public lectures at the Royal Institution have enthralled audiences with the latest science discoveries, news and issues. Over time, cutting edge technology has been used to preserve and share the lectures beyond the walls of the Ri, from the Proceedings of the Royal Institution in the early days of printing, to the CHRISTMAS LECTURES being possibly the first ever science programme broadcast on television, to the popular YouTube channel that reaches millions around the world today.

The Ri Science Podcast continues this tradition of sharing the regular science talks freely and widely. Each fortnight a classic recording will be released, delving into diverse topics from alien life to consciousness, and particle physics to ecology.

Cassie Williams, the Ri's Digital Manager, said "Our Ri Talks are very popular events and over the years have developed a large following on YouTube where some have been watched over 1 million times. We are excited to now bring our Ri science talks to a whole new medium by releasing them as podcasts, allowing anyone to listen to them at their own convenience, whenever and whereever they want."

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In the first episode, writer and comedian Ben Miller discusses the search for alien life with Jim Al-Khalili, while the second episode takes us on a journey to Mars with Anita Sengupta. Listen now:

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