Ri Professors

From botany to astronomy, a list of past Ri Professorships.

Professors of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry

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1799–1801    Thomas Garnett1801–1803    Thomas Young

Other Professorships

Professor of Science, Culture and Society

2015–2019   Gail Cardew

Professor of History of Science

2004–2019   Frank AJL James

Professors of Mathematics

1983–1995   Erik Christopher Zeeman2000–           Christopher J Budd

Professor of Mechanics

1817–1829   John Millington

Professor of Metal Physics

1957–1978   Ronald King

Professor of Natural History

1826–1829   John Harwood

Professor of Science and Enterprise

2002–          Al Richardson

Professors of Solid State Chemistry

1986–2000   Anthony Kevin Cheetham2001–2007   Paul Francis McMillan

Professor of Experimental Medicine

1977–1982   Peter Brian Medawar

Professors of Experimental Physics

1977–1988   Charles Alfred Taylor1989–1994   Alfred Brian Pippard1995–2002   Arnold Wolfendale1999–           Colin John Humphreys


Readers in Crystallography

1954–1968   Max Ferdinand Perutz1954–1968   John Cowdery Kendrew

Readers in History of Science

1970–1985   Frank Greenaway1997–2004   Frank AJL James

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Professors of Chemistry

1802–1812   Humphry Davy1813–1852   William Thomas Brande1863–1868   Edward Frankland1963–1966   George, Baron Porter of Luddenham1986–1988   John Meurig Thomas1991–1994   Peter Day1994–2002   John Meurig Thomas

Honorary and Emeritus Professors

1813–1823   Humphry Davy1852–1866   William Thomas Brande1887–1893   John Tyndall1905–1919   John William Strutt, 3rd Lord Rayleigh1921–1940   Joseph John Thomson1963–1964   John Theodore Cuthbert Moore-Brabazon1966–1970   William Lawrence Bragg1978–2000   Ronald King1988–2002  George, Baron Porter of Luddenham2000–2011   Leonard Shaw

Professors of Natural Philosophy

1831–1837   William Ritchie1853–1887   John Tyndall1887–1905   John William Strutt, 3rd Lord Rayleigh1905–1920   Joseph John Thomson1921–1937   Ernest, Baron Rutherford of Nelson1938–1953   William Lawrence Bragg1960–1961   Ronald Sydney Nyholm1980–1988   David Phillips1988–2008   Charles Richard Arthur Catlow

Fullerian Professors of Chemistry

1833–1867   Michael Faraday1868–1873   William Odling1874–1877   John Hall Gladstone1877–1923   James Dewar1923–1942   William Henry Bragg1942–1946   Henry Hallett Dale1946–1949   Eric Keightley Rideal1950–1952   Edward Neville da Costa Andrade1954–1966   William Lawrence Bragg1966–1988   George, Baron Porter of Luddenham1988–1994   John Meurig Thomas1994–2008   Peter Day2008–2020   Quentin Pankhurst

Fullerian Professors of Physiology and Comparative Anatomy

1834–1837   Peter Mark Roget1837–1838   Robert Edmond Grant1841–1844   Thomas Rymer Jones1844–1848   William Benjamin Carpenter1848–1851   William Withey Gull1851–1855   Thomas Wharton Jones1855–1858   Thomas Henry Huxley1858–1862   Richard Owen1862–1865   John Marshall1865–1869   Thomas Henry Huxley1869–1872   Michael Foster1872–1875   William Rutherford1875–1878   Alfred Henry Garrod1878–1881   Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer1881–1884   John Gray McKendrick1884–1888   Arthur Gamgee1888–1891   George John Romanes1891–1894   Victor Alexander Haden Horsley1894–1897   Charles Stewart1897–1898   Augustus Désiré Waller1898–1901   Edwin Ray Lankester1901–1904   Allan Macfadyen1904–1906   Louis Compton Miall1906–1909   William Stirling1909–1912   Frederick Walker Mott1912–1915   William Bateson1915–1918   Charles Sherrington1918–1924   Arthur Keith1924–1927   Joseph Barcroft1927–1930   Julian Sorell Huxley1930–1933   John Burdon Sanderson Haldane1933–1935   Grafton Elliot Smith1935–1937   Edward Mellanby1937–1940   Frederick Keeble1941–1944   Jack Cecil Drummond1944–1947   James Gray1947–1953   Edward James Salisbury1953–1957   Harold Munro Fox1957–1961   John Zachary Young1961–1967   Richard John Harrison1967–1973   Andrew Fielding Huxley1973–1979   Max Ferdinand Perutz1979–1985   David Chilton, Baron Phillips of Ellesmere1985–1991   John Bertrand Gurdon1991–1999   Anne Laura McLaren1999–2009   Susan Adele, Baroness Greenfield of Ot Moor