Here there, now then by Zsuzsanna Ardó

Did you miss out on our recent exhibition by Zsuzsanna Ardó? Check out this image gallery...

© Zsuzsanna Ardó


Our recent exhibition 'Here there, now then' by Zsuzsanna Ardó was inspired by the curiosity of the human spirit and Faraday's attitude to experiments. Check out a slideshow of images from the exhibition above and find more images on Zsuzsanna's website.

'Here there, now then' won an Arts council award and draws on Zsuzsanna Ardó's work during an expedition to the high arctic in 2014.

Zsuzsanna Ardó is an award-winning visual artist, curator and writer. She founded and runs Creatives without borders to investigate contemporary society and culture critically across borders. Her current work includes exhibitions at Westminster Palace, The European Parliament and The Welsh Assembly.

The exhibition ran until Friday 27 March 2015 in the atrium on our lower ground floor.