Hollow masks

Baffle your brain with the famous 'hollow mask illusion', and experiment with how it works by making your own.


Make your own hollow mask illusion.

ExpeRiment with the way we see faces.

Learn how our expectations can override what we are actually seeing.

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    Wallpaper paste or PVA glue

About this activity

Rachel and her children Eva and Daniel explore how our brains perceive faces by experimenting with a classic illusion. Here's the original illusion to show your children before starting the activity:

In this activity, Eva and Daniel investigate what factors make this illusion work, and think about why our brains can be tricked in this way. Hands-on investigations like this are the perfect way to encourage children to think about how their brains work, and the way we interpret the world.

Download the information sheet for more full instructions, and more detail about the science behind this illusion, and the badges and certificates for afterwards!

Share a photo of the mask you make with us on  FacebookInstagram or Twitter and you could win a £100 voucher and activity goodie bag! Click here for more information.

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