Events for teenagers this summer

Summer 2015 sees a packed programme of events for teenagers at the Ri.

Students build their own speaker
Tim Mitchell

Feeling creative?

Bringing the world to life will look at projection mapping - animating onto surfaces in the natural or built environment to create beautiful visual displays. Projection mapping is becoming increasingly popular to create large scale public art or stunning light shows at music events. In this session for 13 – 15 year olds, students will have the opportunity to programme their own animated light show.

Calling all inventors!

Budding entrepreneurs shows you how to create new ideas and bring them to market. Sometimes you need more than just an idea – successful inventors need the skills to put their ideas onto paper, build prototypes and ensure everything’s delivered to budget. Through a series of hands on challenges for 16 – 18 year olds, students will work in teams to build up their idea from scratch to create an exciting, innovative final product.

For the mathematically minded

Non-standard numbers will challenge teenagers aged 16 – 18 to explore number systems beyond our standard decimal system from the ancient Mayan vigesimal system through to modern binary. Through puzzles and games students will see that hundreds, tens and units aren’t the only way to represent numbers to start to think like real mathematicians!

For the problem solvers

Predicting pandemics is a session for 16 – 18 year olds in which students will learn how academics model and predict the spread of disease, applying mathematics to solve real world problems. In this interactive session teenagers will see how a virtual disease can easily spread between their classmates, before coding their own virtual virus on a computer and modelling its movement.

Get ahead with coding

The power of algorithms explores, you guessed it, algorithms - the foundations of computer programming and how they can be used to solve all sorts of complex mathematical problems. Students aged 13 – 15 will have the opportunity to code their own algorithms in the Python language using them to solve a series of problems.


Looking for something to keep your teenager occupied this summer? The Royal Institution’s summer schools programme is packed full of fun, inspiring and educational workshops for those aged 13 to 18. 

Led by experts from the world of academia, education and industry, summer schools will introduce concepts of science, mathematics, engineering and computer science through interactive demonstrations and hands on challenges. Summer schools go beyond the national curriculum, giving a unique opportunity for young people to expand their horizons. Build a robot, try your hand at computer coding or explore the enigma machine – with over thirty sessions to choose from, the Ri’s got something to inspire and challenge your teenager before they go back to school in September. 

Booking is now open and places can be booked online via the Ri’s What’s On calendar or by calling our Public Programme team on 020 7409 2992.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. All tickets are discounted for Ri members.

The Ri Summer Schools 2015 programme runs for five weeks from 27 July to 28 August and all sessions take place from Monday to Friday.