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Bring the Ri into your school with our exciting combination of science shows and CPD sessions for teachers.

  • Explosive food!

    Credit: Katherine Leedale
  • Presenter doing explosive experiment

    Explosive science demonstrations in the shows.

    Credit: Royal Institution
  • Presenter doing explosive experiment

    Explosive experiments in the shows.

    Credit: Royal Institution
  • Credit: Paul Wilkinson


Our programme of Science in Schools brings our popular demonstration shows into school across the UK, accompanied by valuable Continuing Professional Development sessions for teachers. The shows give students, teachers and families a chance to see our specially trained presenters in action, delivering science shows inspired by the CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

The shows are jam-packed with experiments, demonstrations and the odd explosion! Available across the UK, the programme brings shows and CPD into your school in a package, with the option to have a community show in the evening. 

Feedback from teachers

  • The children were agog - (no exaggeration) and I thought it was excellent. Best bit was the fact that we listened to the whole story of electricity from the Ancients through to Faraday. Fantastic! We're so used to boring safe predictable things that it was great to have a bit of the unknown.


  • The Royal Institution had an amazing impact on the status and standards of the science teaching and learning experience in our school and community.

    Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning at a participating school

  • We’ve had a fantastic morning with Emma. She’s an amazing presenter and our girls loved her.


How it works

You can choose from our range of specially written shows, which we then present to audiences in your school hall or theatre. We can put on a show for your local community (eg parents and families from the local area or feeder primary school families etc). This is a great way to show that your school emphasises and celebrates science. 

As part of the package, we also will provide a CPD session for up to 15 teachers (see below) to inspire and support them to bring hands-on science into the classroom. We will work with you to build a programme that suits your school's and teachers' needs. 

Example day

1.30pm      Show for Key Stage 2 (or 3)

4pm – 5pm   CPD session

6.30pm      Show for local community*

*You can choose to provide the community show for free to the audience, or choose to charge for entry and keep the ticket revenue as a way of fundraising for your school

Feedback from students

  • It was really exciting and extraordinary!

    Ciera, year 5

  • It was fun because of the exploding jelly babies!

    Nathaniel, year 5

Show descriptions

We currently have two shows available to bring to your school along with our CPD session.

Feel the power

Discover the history of electricity and witness some of the earliest historical demonstrations of how electricity could be used and harnessed, developed by two of the Royal Institution’s most famous scientists Faraday and Davy. This electrifying show includes lots of live demonstrations and audience interaction and ranges from explanations of static electricity to modern day use of generators and how magnetism and electricity work together. This show can be tailored to either a primary school or secondary school audience.

Explosive food

See food in a new light. Find out about the incredible amount of energy contained in the food that goes in your mouth in this show packed with exciting chemistry and physics demonstrations. This show can be tailored to suit primary or secondary school audiences.

  • Demonstration

    Dazzling experiments

    Credit: Royal Institution

  • An explosive demo

    Explosive demonstrations

    Credit: Royal Institution

Continuing Professional Development sessions

The CPD sessions focus on using demonstrations and practical activities as part of your everyday science teaching. For primary teachers, we build confidence for teachers less familiar with science and show them how easy it is to do simple and fun science activities with their classes. For secondary teachers, we give practical tips and show you how to use simple demonstrations and experiments to great effect in your teaching.

The sessions last one hour, and we can deliver it in an available classroom or school laboratory. Up to 15 people can attend the session.

Prices and booking

Price for 1 show, 1 CPD session and 1 community show £650 + VAT

Price for 2 shows, 1 CPD session and 1 community show £750 + VAT

The above price includes UK travel expenses, though a cup of tea would be appreciated!

To enquire about availability and to book, please email

We are also happy to arrange for our science shows to travel internationally. Contact for more information.

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