Autumn programme released!

Public events from September to November are now available to explore and book

The interior of the Joint European Torus (JET)


After a summer of science with the Ri's Summer Schools, we have more to offer this Autumn, from the science of fireworks to the physics of our world. Why do we have earthquakes and volcanoes? Can you create your own cloud? Start off your half term break with our Family Fun Day all about our planet. Then join marine biologist Helen Scales for an interactive talk that dives into the spiralling world of seashells. Later in half term, Stephen Ashworth will show how everyday items can be seen in a new light in a show of Kitchen chemistry. And finally, to celebrate Bonfire night, the ever-popular Andrew Szydlo will bring you a visually spectacular performance explaining the science of fireworks.

Social science and culture

Drawing on the latest research in linguistics and cognitive science, Steven Pinker will explain why style still matters in an age of instant communication. Join Matthew Syed to understand how learning to love failure can be the key to success. Hear directly from former SAS soldier Andy McNab and psychologist Kevin Dutton about their Good Psychopath theory. Finally, in November, Aoife McLysaght, Heidi Mirza and Kenan Malik will discuss what science tells us about race and racism.

Autumn Discourses

In celebration of the International Year of Light, join Nobel Laureate Serge Haroche to explore quantum phenomena, the role of light in an explosion of discovery and possible applications of the counter-intuitive quantum logic. In October, dicover how realistic the dream to build nanoscale machines is, and what this machines could offer us with Neil ChampnessAnd to end the 2015 season of Discourses, the Ri's Frank James will showcase Davy's experimental development of the Davy lamp, with appropriately explosive demonstrations.


Summer is well underway, which means the next season is just around the corner. And we're looking forward to the start of our next programme of events - the autumn programme covers everything from quantum logic to the science of racism.

All our public events between September and November are now live on our website and available to book, or you can download the full programme to plan your visits to the Ri until the end of the year.

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Theoretical physics

The 20th century saw extraordinary developments in our understanding of the Universe. It brought us the general theory of relativity as well as quantum theory. We know more about the architecture of our cosmos and the beginnings of our Universe. And yet there is still no 'theory of everything'. Carlo Rovelli will take us through the epic discoveries of the 20th century in September. And in November, John Gribbin will present his own version of the theory of everything offering an answer to life and the universe.

Famous faces

We're delighted to be joined by Australia's science legend Dr Karl who will take us on a whirlwind tour of scientific explanations and bizarre facts. In November, we're looking forward to an evening with Richard Dawkins as he delves into his life as a research scientist and the ideas that have inspired him since publishing The Selfish Gene.

The future

What might the future of fusion power bring us? Where can we see the synthetic life technology taking us, and how far should we take this revolutionary science? And how might nanotechnology be the key to future advances, whether that is in curing cancer or developing invisibility cloaks? In October, we have three events looking at current technologies that may revolutionise our lives in the future, from biological advances to finding answers to our energy crisis.