Autumn events 2018

Our exciting programme of events from September to December is now open for booking. Don't miss out!

Via Marty Jopson

Filming our events

Many of the events in this programme will be filmed and available on the Ri YouTube Channel a few months after the event. Subscribe to receive notifications each time a video is released.

Ri Patrons Present

Ri Patrons are valuable members of the Ri community who are dedicated to supporting our charitable mission. We are pleased to announce a new event series. Open to Ri Members and the public and free to Ri Patrons, these events explore science and society with the same excellence in science communication you've come to expect from all Ri events.

Join us in September as we discover the hands that are rewriting human history. In November, explore the evolution of truth. 


The Autumn season of Discourses will start 28 September with Tristram Hunt, Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, as he explores how museums can retain their relevance and purpose in our contemporary age.

On 26 October, zoologist and inventor Adrian Thomas as he showcases his work mimicking nature, from a drone that's inspired by a dragonfly to a boat with a fin rather than a propeller.

On 30 November, Hannah Fry will take you on a tour of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of the algorithms that surround us.

Autumn programme

The new season of Ri talks is now available to book online.

Running from 2 September until the end of December, we have an amazing range of events that you won't want to miss.

Join us as we discuss why we need diversity in science, explore the race behind discovering the ribosome and discover what it takes to unearth a 500 year old mystery.

Browse our What's On calendar online to book your events today.

Don't forget, Ri Members can attend Discourses for free and receive tickets to our talks for just £7.


This season's Family Fun Day is on 27 October and we'll be getting hands with the science that takes place when things change.

We also have Anita Sengupta discussing space and The Hyperloop, Marty Jopson exploring the invisible world, Andrew Szydlo  delving into the history of coal, Rob Eastaway's maths, magic and mystery and Dr Karl's Christmas Crackers. 


The measure of science

‘The measure of science’ is a series of events in partnership with the Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) as part of the Festival of Measurement. On 20 May 2019, the SI units will be redefined in terms of physical constants and the InstMC will be celebrating the importance of measurement in all areas of life in the lead up to this change. To find out more, please see

The events in this series are How to become an engineer, redifining the kilogram and keeping science safe.