Heritage projects at the Ri

The Faraday Museum is working to record, conserve and interpret its historic collections through in-house projects and collaborations with organisations and individuals.

  • Conservation work on historic object
    Credit: Royal Institution
  • Embossed Japanese wallpaper

    Japanese wallpaper after restoration

    Credit: Royal Institution
  • Building facade restoration work
    Credit: Royal Institution


Documenting the collections

The heritage team is working to record and document our collection to help us preserve and interpret this unique heritage resource.

While the iconic objects and papers of individuals such as Michael Faraday are well known, a large proportion of the Ri collections has been accumulated through work at the Institution over the centuries. With the help of our small but dedicated team of volunteers we are currently working to record and document this backlog to help us preserve and interpret this unique heritage resource.  

This is a large scale project and it will take several years to complete a catalogue of the full collection.

Conservation Projects

We are continuously working to preserve our historic collections. You can find out more about recent projects on our Conservation page.

Find out more about the Ri conservation projects.

The Davy Letters

A team of Davy scholars, including the Ri's Prof. Frank James are working to edit the first ever edition of the Collected Letters of Humphry Davy and his Circle.

Find out more about the Davy Letters project.

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