200 seats for 200 years

Write your name in history.

Name a seat

Two hundred years ago Michael Faraday demonstrated his invention of the world’s first electric motor in the theatre of the Royal Institution. We are inviting you to share in this heritage and help secure the Ri’s future by making a donation which we will acknowledge by naming a seat in our world-famous theatre – one for every year since Faraday’s world changing discovery.

Naming a seat is a unique way to celebrate your love of science and to support the charitable work of the Royal Institution. It‘s also an opportunity to honour or remember someone special, and a wonderful way to inspire future generations by dedicating a seat to a young person.

Become part of the Ri’s history and future by naming a seat.

We have 200 seats available and for a donation of between £300 and £5,000 you will be acknowledged with a named plaque for 5 years.

The Royal Institution’s vision is for a world where everyone is inspired to think more deeply about science and its place in our lives. Your philanthropy helps us make this a reality.

You can make a donation online on Givergy or by filling in and returning this form.

Please note that it takes a few weeks to get the plaques installed. Any donors who donate past the end of November will receive their thank you packs in January 2022.

  • image of a golden plaque that reads

    Write your name in history

Seat Options

Donation £5000

Row B for 5 years

Donation £3000

Row C for 5 years

Donation £2000

Row D for 5 years

Donation £1500

Row E for 5 years

Donation £1000

Row F for 5 years

Donation £750

Row G for 5 years

Donation £500

Row H for 5 years (only a few left)

Donation £300

Row J for 5 years (only a few left)

  • Theatre seating

What will I receive?

Your donation acknowledgement in our famous lecture theatre. 

  • The name plaques will offer up to 50 characters over two lines (25 characters per line, size 24pt type, plaque measuring 10 x 5 cm, ) and will be in place for 5 years – after which we will offer you the chance to renew. The plaque will read 200 seats for 200 years (top line), chosen name or In Memory of chosen name (middle lines), The Royal Institution (bottom line).
  • Seat acknowledgements are offered on a first come, first served basis, with just 200 places available.
  • Please note that seats will be allocated by the Ri. Naming a seat is a mark of your support for the Ri, and regrettably we are not able to guarantee being able to sit in this seat should you attend an event in the theatre.
  • As part of your donation you will receive an email confirmation and an acknowledgement letter in the post with a photograph of the seat.
  • You may visit the Ri and view the seat during office hours or prior to an event. Please contact the development team to arrange a suitable time.

Contact us

Please contact the development team on development@ri.ac.uk or on +44 (0)20 7670 2950 to name a seat or for more information.

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