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Our mission is to share the wonders and applications of science, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your support.

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  • An understanding and appreciation of science is more important than it ever was... This Institution has a marvellous record of bringing the understanding of science to children and today it can do it with technical devices and ingenuity which gives it a bigger reach than ever before. So the Ri couldn’t be more important.

    Sir David Attenborough

  • icon and a rallying point for science not only in the UK, but in the western world.

    Dr Alun Carr

  • To hope you can continue for years to come to inspire my daughter and other young girls to be interested in the field of science! She's 9.

    Nalini Vaughan

  • You guys are doing amazing work. To think that my kids and I can see the amazing videos for free made me step up and donate. Thanks! Go science!

    Mr Farooq Butt

  • ...The lectures from that iconic theatre inspired me and should inspire future generations.

    Anna Batchelor

  • Think I'm going to join the Ri...The visual aids here are great, and the use of embroidery-to illustrate chromosomes-alone is fab. Excellent science communicationat its best (and this from someone who did no science at all after 2nd year at 'big' school)!

    Sharon Norris

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