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A large proportion of Faraday's personal and experimental papers are held at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

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Other significant collections are held at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Guildhall Library and the Royal Society. The majority of these, apart from the correspondence have been published on microflim and CD.

A complete edition of Faraday's approximately 4900 extant letters has been published in six volumes by the IET under the editorship of Frank James at the Ri.


Many books have been written about Michael Faraday, from The Life and Letters of Faraday by Henry Bence Jones, published in 1870, onwards.

A good place to start for an overview of Faraday's life and work is  Michael Faraday: A very short Introduction by Frank A.J.L. James.

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Faraday published only one book, Chemical Manipulation, Being Instructions to Students in Chemistry (1827). His other publications are collections of papers or lecture notes; his famous Chemical History of a Candle (1861) was edited and published by his friend William Crookes.

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