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Find out how to set up a Masterclass and become part of our network of Masterclass Organisers.

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What does a Masterclass Organiser do?

Masterclass Organisers set up and run their own local Ri Masterclass series for students attending schools in their local community.

Who can set up an Ri Masterclass Series?

Schools, universities and STEM organisations, as well as groups of local volunteers are the types of organisations we have worked with to set up and run Ri Masterclass series for students in their area.

What do I need to set up an Ri Masterclass series?

Any one setting up an Ri Masterclass series will need to arrange:

  • A venue for the Masterclass workshops
  • Contact with local schools
  • Financial support, if not part of an existing funding structure
  • Administrative support
  • A speaker for each workshop in the series
  • Adequate support for the students, both in terms of their learning and pastoral care
  • A DBS-checked (or equivalent) supervisor must be present at all workshops in the series

Organisers often set up a committee to share the work of organising a series and to ensure ongoing sustainability of the series.

Training and support

We offer guidance and tailored support with every part of the process of running a Masterclass series.

The support and training we offer, to both new and existing groups, includes:

  • Advice on how to work with local partners to start an organising committee
  • Guidance on finding funding
  • A dedicated page exclusively for Ri Masterclass organisers full of templates and other resources to help run their series
  • Ri branded materials for use within the Ri Masterclass series, including special attendance certificates for the Masterclass students and bilingual Welsh/English certificates to our groups in Wales
  • Advice and support on involving schools and local speakers
  • Materials for running Masterclass workshop activities
  • Access to Masterclass speakers
  • Bespoke training and taster events run online on request
  • Opportunities to meet other organisers and volunteers from across the Masterclass network
  • A special biennial event at the Ri to celebrate our organisers and other contributors

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about what is involved in organising an Ri Masterclass series or would like to help with a series in your area, please get in touch with the Ri Masterclass team on

Upcoming Ri Masterclass training and events

Virtual social events

We run social events periodically for our contributors and volunteers to network with fellow Ri Masterclass folks, sharing experiences, ideas and resources.

Contact our Ri Masterclass team at for more information.

Speaker Development Programme

Our Speaker Development Programme is designed to support potential Masterclass Speakers in creating their own Ri Masterclass workshop and developing their skills in presenting, communication and working with young people from a variety of backgrounds.

We give tailored support and guidance to help you develop the tools and knowledge to design and lead your own workshop, where you can share your passion for your subject, inspire in-depth explorations of the topic, nurture the students’ curiosity and help them to reach their full potential.

The Speaker Development Programme is packed full of professional development opportunities. We’re confident that you will gain as much from becoming a Masterclass Speaker as the students will from having you involved.

The structured programme of training and support will be tailored to your experience and includes:

  • Visits to local Ri Masterclass series to see existing speakers in action
  • Access to our library of support resources, including sample Ri Masterclasses to give you a starting point for your ideas
  • Training sessions in presentation and communication skills, content development, classroom engagement, unconscious bias and inclusive learning
  • One-to-one support and feedback on your ideas, workshop content and delivery
  • Opportunities to discuss your ideas with others on the programme and existing speakers
  • Opportunities to deliver your workshop within our Ri Masterclass network

No Ri Masterclass is perfect on the first go, so we work with you to give feedback and help you make improvements.

We know that many people may not feel confident enough to jump straight in, so this programme is designed to support you to develop your skills and confidence at your own pace.

While our training sessions are run at set times and locations, we are able to work with potential Masterclass Speakers throughout the year on an individual basis.

Off-the-shelf Masterclasses

Off-the-shelf Masterclasses are great examples of how our Ri Masterclass workshops are structured. They can be used as a starting point for new speakers who aren't able to develop something completely from scratch.

Safeguarding and Ri Masterclasses

Safeguarding is extremely important to the Ri. We require everyone involved in running Ri activities to share our commitment to safeguarding children and adults at risk. Dependent on their role, we may request background checks for volunteers and other contributors.

For more information, please see our safeguarding policies and procedures, or get in touch with our Designated Safeguarding Officers at

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