About Masterclasses

UK-wide network of hands-on and interactive extracurricular workshops for primary and secondary school students in mathematics and computer science. 

An Engineering Masterclass exploring acoustics.
Tim Mitchell

Ri Masterclasses are a series of workshops where students can explore mathematics and computer science outside the confines of the classroom, through hands-on extra-curricular workshops.

Each Ri Masterclass runs for six weeks, and students get to attend a Ri Masterclass series by being nominated by their teacher.

Our Ri Masterclass series run across the UK at both primary and secondary level, and we work with teams of dedicated volunteers and contributors who make Masterclasses happen in their area and across the UK.

Ri Masterclass Supporters 

We would like to thank The Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust, Causeway Technologies, The Clothworkers’ Foundation, The Doris Pacey & Dr Michael and Anna Brynberg Charitable Foundationsfor their incredible generosity and support of the Ri Masterclass programme. 

The following funders additionally kindly support Ri Masterclasses 

Mathematics Masterclasses further supporters: Ernest Cook Trust, Ernst & Young LLP. 

Engineering Masterclass further supporters: A G Manly Trust, National Centre for Nuclear Robotics, Reece Foundation, and DS Smith Plc. 

We would like to extend our thanks to those who provide invaluable in-kind support.

How to support the Ri Masterclass programme

If you would like to support the Ri Masterclass programme please contact the development team on development@ri.ac.uk . 

Safeguarding and Ri Masterclasses

Safeguarding is extremely important to the Ri. We require everyone involved in running Ri activities to share our commitment to safeguarding children and adults at risk. Dependent on their role, we may request background checks for volunteers and other contributors.

For more information, please see our safeguarding policies and procedures, or get in touch with our Designated Safeguarding Officers at safeguarding@ri.ac.uk.