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Find out more about sharing your passion for mathematics, engineering and computer science by becoming a Masterclass speaker.

  • Engineering Masterclass speaker testing the bridges her students have made

    Engineering Masterclass speaker testing Year 9 students' bridges

    Credit: Tim Mitchell
  • I really look forward to the Saturdays when I get to go and spend a couple of hours talking about the subject that sparked my interest in maths and showing people why a topic, they may never have heard of, impacts upon their everyday life.

    Sophie, Mathematics Masterclass Speaker

Masterclass Speakers

Our Masterclasses are led by inspiring workshop leaders (known as speakers) who each share their enthusiasm and experience in a workshop based around their own favourite topic in mathematics, engineering or computer science. Our speakers help nurture curiosity and a sense of inquiry among the Masterclass students, enabling them to explore ideas and applications of these far-reaching subjects.

Speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds – many from within education, industry and academia – and share a commitment to helping young people to explore the STEM subjects beyond what they would usually see in the classroom. Each speaker shares their own insight and experiences, and helps the students experience what the subject is outside of the classroom, explore its creativity and engage with its applications. 

Masterclasses cover a huge variety of topics, including anamorphic art, robotics, bioengineering, machine learning, number theory, cryptography, game theory and networks. A Masterclass workshop focuses on the students investigating the topics themselves, with real theoretical depth, interactive activities and lots of opportunities for them to explore the subject further.

Why become a speaker?

Masterclass speakers have the opportunity to share their passion for their subject with young people, helping to inspire and engage the next generation. You gain confidence in engaging with a range of different audiences, developing presentation, written and verbal communication and classroom management skills. You develop a greater appreciation and knowledge of your own subject through creating engaging activities and being asked insightful questions by keen young people with a passion for what they are doing. 

Becoming a Masterclass speaker is a great way to have fun exploring your subject, do something different from your day-to-day work and help young people be creative, discover their passion and realise their own potential. You also have the chance to celebrate local innovation and industry and share the human stories of your topic, bringing the science alive for the students. As a Masterclass speaker you will be contributing to the Ri’s vision for a world where everyone is inspired to think more deeply about science and its place in our lives. 

New speakers receive tailored support and guidance from the Ri Masterclass team and experienced volunteers. 

Get involved

Find out more about becoming a Masterclass speaker by attending one of our free taster events. You can also contact us to arrange to visit a local Masterclass or get involved as a helper for a local series.

Check out our Masterclass resources for ideas of sessions, including our complete off-the-shelf Masterclasses designed to be run with minimal preparation.

Our speaker development programme is a structured programme of training and support designed to help new volunteers create a session based on their own favourite topic as well as developing their communication and presentation skills. We want our community of speakers to be as diverse as our students and we include unconscious bias and inclusive learning sessions in our training.

To apply to become a Masterclass speaker, complete the application form and email it to us at We’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps.

About Masterclasses

The Royal Institution Masterclass programme opens young people’s eyes to the diversity of mathematics, engineering and computer science. All over the UK, keen young people who have been nominated by their teachers attend series of workshops to explore areas of these subjects outside their school experience.

The programme aims to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the wonders and applications of these far-reaching subjects and to continue their interest and engagement into later life. Masterclasses are currently offered in Mathematics at Primary level and in Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science at Secondary level.

Masterclasses run during term time, with Secondary Masterclasses typically 2.5 hours on Saturday mornings and Primary Masterclasses 1.5-2 hours either on Saturdays or during/after school.

Masterclass speakers are able to volunteer to deliver as many workshops as they like during an academic year, though usually no more than one per series. In many areas Masterclass organisers are able to cover speaker’s expenses and offer a small thank-you payment. 

Apply to become a Masterclass speaker

Find out more about our speaker development programme

Masterclass taster and training events

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