Gene jewellery - Extract your own DNA

Learn about this amazing molecule that codes for who we are.

  • Credit: Royal Institution


  • Key Stage 2

  • Key Stage 3


This workshop is designed for students between the ages of 10 and 14 years old, and lasts for around two hours.

The maximum group size is 30. Actual group sizes depend on age and circumstance, for more info contact the team at

Students will extract their own DNA and walk away with a small piece of it in a necklace for them to wear. After harvesting their own cheek cells they then extract the DNA by using a lysis buffer and protease digestion. To precipitate the DNA out of solution, ice cold ethanol is used which can then be transferred in to a necklace. This workshop is a great introduction to enzymes, DNA structure and uses equipment usually found at degree level.

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