LYSC Programmes

Discover the range of programmes available at the L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre.

Online science workshops

Explosive science learning is back at the Ri's L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre with a series of virtual science sessions for primary schools.

A question of taste (post-16)

Determine your phenotype and genotype for a taste receptor that we share with our primate ancestors.

Bacterial evolution (KS4, KS5)

Step into the role of a clinical bacteriologist and use research-grade laboratory equipment to investigate DNA samples from new outbreaks of bacterial disease.

Pinhole photography (Upper KS2, KS3, KS4)

Use a pin-hole camera to take retro pictures on photographic paper and develop them in our dark room.

Cosmetic chemistry (KS2)

Students have the chance to get hands-on and make their own bath bombs and lip balms whilst learning some fundamental chemistry.

Crash testing - high velocity eggsporter (KS4, KS5)

Learn how vehicles are designed to keep us safe in a collision, and use your knowledge to protect an egg passenger during a real crash test.

Forensics (KS4, KS5)

Learn the basics behind the forensic applications of DNA and help to solve a ‘murder’.

Gene jewellery - Extract your own DNA (KS2)

Learn about this amazing molecule that codes for who we are.

Good clean fun - Make and test your own shampoo (KS2, KS3)

Produce your own version of a shampoo and compare it to the commercial product.

Image: Tim Mitchell

Life on Mars (Upper KS2, KS3, KS4)

Program a LEGO rover through our Mars landscape and look for chemical signs of life in Mars soil samples back in the laboratory.

Magnets and motors (KS3, KS4)

This is a hands-on history of electromagnetism and how it led to the invention of the motor.

Spectacular colour chemistry (KS4, KS5)

Discover the world of chemistry by synthesising your own dyes and taking on a real life chemistry challenge.