About us

We’re a leading independent charity dedicated to connecting as many people as possible with the world of science.

a lecture theatre from above, the seats are curved around a central round stage like an old operating theatre
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Our charitable purpose at the Royal Institution is to bring the public and scientists together to share their interest and passion for science. We believe there should be equitable access to science, and that people’s desire to engage with science and scientists should be nourished.

We help more people to discover science and engage more deeply. We create spaces for scientists and the public to explore science together. We inspire students to see a future with science. We empower people to explore and get involved. And we offer charitable support to those, such as young people in disadvantaged communities, who might otherwise not be able to engage with science.

We’ve been doing it for well over 200 years, with an international reach, working with world-leading scientists, from Hannah Fry to Carlo Rovelli and Dame Sue Black to Sean Carroll.

We are a home for science and everyone is welcome.

Work with us

We have big ambitions for the future and are always looking for people to help us create more opportunities for everyone to discover, discuss and critically examine science and the way it shapes our lives.

Who we are and what we do

What we do

Find out more about our vital work to bring the public and scientists together, and its reach and impact, including our annual

Our commercial activity


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Our history

The Royal Institution was founded in March 1799 with the aim of introducing new technologies and teaching science to the general public. Find out what happened next.

A painting of the exterior of the Ri in the 19th centure, with people and horses walking past
A painting of the exterior of the Ri in the 19th centure, with people and horses walking past