Michael Faraday Correspondence - Volume five

1855-1860, letters 3033-3873

Volume 5

This volume, in which just over 70% of the letters were previously unpublished, covers the latter half of the 1850s and most of 1860. Topics include: Faraday's work on regelation, the transmission of light through gold and his attempts to bring gravity into his general scheme of forces; the offer by Queen Victoria, and his acceptance, of a Grace and Favour House at Hampton Court; his advice to Trinity House, the Board of Trade and the Royal Commission on Lighthouses; his investigation of the deterioration of the stonework of the relatively new Houses of Parliament; the conservation issues surrounding the National Gallery's pictures; and his appointment by Emperor Napoleon III to be a Commander of the Legion of Honour.

Major correspondents included the Astronomer Royal G.B. Airy, the new Secretary of Trinity House PH Berthon, the Birmingham glassmaker JT Chance, the French chemist and politician JBA Dumas, the Assistant Secretary of the Board of Trade TH Farrer, the German mathematician Julius Plücker, the Cambridge trained mathematical natural philosophers James Clerk Maxwell, George Gabriel Stokes and William Thomson, Faraday's colleague at the Royal Institution John Tyndall and the Swiss chemist Christian Schoenbein whose daughter died while in London.