Downloads – 11-20

Printable info sheets, certificates and badges to help make the most of the second batch of ExpeRimental activities, all about chemistry.

  • Photo from the balloon car racers film

    Be ExpeRimental

    Credit: Ri

Certificates and badges

Celebrate your ExpeRimental achievements with these printable certificates and badges! Click on the images below to download.

Kitchen chemist certificate:



Bedroom biochemist certificate:





Infosheet - Colour quest


Infosheet - Eggsperiments


Infosheet - Candle chemistry

Candle Infosheet

Infosheet - Rufus and the racers

Boat racers Infosheet

Infosheet - Playing with play dough

Play dough Infosheet

Infosheet - Fizzy bottle rockets

Fizzy bottle rockets Infosheet

Infosheet - Colour changing cabbage juice

Cabbage juice Infosheet

Infosheet - Fizzy cubes

fizzy cubes Infosheet

Infosheet - Making butter

Cabbage juice Infosheet

Infosheet - Microwave cupcakes

microwave cakes Infosheet

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