When galaxies were born – with Richard Ellis

Join Richard Ellis as he discusses his spectacular discoveries in modern cosmology over the last 40 years.


Join Richard Ellis as he discusses his spectacular discoveries in modern cosmology over the last 40 years.

Watch the Q&A here: https://youtu.be/izAsuw0zzak
Read Richard's book here: https://geni.us/uBe2lf

Astronomers are like time travellers. They scan the night sky for the outermost galaxies that first came into being when our universe was a mere fraction of its present age.

In this talk, discover how a pioneering generation of scientists can now witness the time when starlight first bathed the cosmos and galaxies emerged from darkness.

This talk was recorded at the Ri on 27 March 2023.

Richard Ellis is Professor of Astrophysics at UCL. During his career his research has moved from detailed studies of nearby stars, topics in Galactic structure and nearby galaxies to broader questions relating to the large scale structure of the Universe and its contents, and the formation and evolution of galaxies. His recent work addresses the origin of the earliest galaxies and understanding their role in cosmic reionisation.

His programmes are primarily observational exploiting ESO’s Very Large Telescope, the twin Keck telescopes and the Atacama Large Millimetre Array (ALMA). He remains enthusiastic about the use of new instruments and observational opportunities when they further the progress that can be made in these areas. He is co-scientific lead for the Prime Focus Spectrograph, a highly- multiplexed instrument for the Subaru 8 metre telescope in Hawaii, and looking forward to the progress of the NASA James Webb Space Telescope.

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