What Does the Future of Space Travel Look Like? - with Chris Impey

The race to explore space is speeding up, Chris Impey looks at the astronomy and technology to bring people to the last frontier.


The race to explore space is speeding up, Chris Impey looks at the astronomy and technology to bring people to the last frontier.
Chris' new book "Beyond: Our Future in Space" is available now: https://geni.us/futureinspace
Watch the Q&A: https://youtu.be/cUVXgn3y5sQ

From private sector efforts led by SpaceX and Virgin Galactic to a new space race between the US and China, human space exploration is set to take off in the coming years. Chris Impey explores the history and landmarks of the international space program, gives a snapshot of the current dynamic situation and plots the probable trajectory of the future of space travel.

Chris Impey is a professor and deputy head of the department of astronomy at the University of Arizona. His astronomy research focuses on observational cosmology—using telescopes and other instruments to study the large-scale structure and evolution of the universe. He also does research on education and science literacy.

This talk was livestreamed on 24 June 2021.

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0:00 Introduction
0:47 Space is Big
0:59 A Scale Model
2:00 Early History
6:05 Leonov Space Walk
7:03 Going to the Moon
8:29 The State of Space
9:18 That sinking feeling...
10:07 Meanwhile in China...
11:26 The Private Sector
16:00 Space Travel is Still Hard
17:43 The Economics
18:36 Economic Model
20:58 Room at the Bottom
25:08 The future is here...
26:01 On the Horizon
26:43 Stairway to heaven...
28:35 and mining asteroids
30:20 Jobs on Mars
30:24 Beyond the Horizon
32:36 Reaching for the Stars
34:22 Neighborhood Earth
34:37 Suspended Animation
35:10 Chinese Moon Base
35:43 Virgin Europa
36:18 Off-Earth Baby
36:29 Permanent Mars Colony
37:05 Exploring Alpha Centauri
37:15 Von Neumann Probes
37:54 Teleportation Test
38:37 Mastery of the Solar System