Ask physicist Carlo Rovelli - black holes, white holes, and more

Join renowned physicist Carlo Rovelli as he answers your questions.


Join renowned physicist Carlo Rovelli as he answers your questions.

00:13 What one question would you ask an all-knowing super computer?
00:56 Inter-dimensional interaction in white holes and black holes
03:26 Can a white hole really exist?
06:55 Does the Universe have zeros and infinities?
08:52 Is time actually unidirectional?

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Carlo Rovelli is an Italian theoretical physicist, philosopher and writer who has worked in Italy, the United States and, since 2000, in France. His research is focused mainly in the field of quantum gravity and is a founder of loop quantum gravity theory. Carlo is currently head of the quantum group at the Centre de Physique Theorique at Aix-Marseille University, a Distinguished Visiting Research Chair at the Perimeter Institute, and core member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy of Western University. As a writer, Carlo became a household name after the success of his books ‘Seven Brief Lessons on Physics’ and ‘Reality is Not What It Seems’.

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