Podcast: Tackling climate change with innovation – with Alyssa Gilbert and Katherine Mathieson

Alyssa Gilbert and Katherine Mathieson introduce 'Undaunted', our partnership with Imperial College London.

Listen time: 26:54
A windfarm at sea.
Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

How could we use shower wastewater to clean our clothes? To celebrate Earth Day and its specific focus on investing in the planet, we wanted to introduce you to ‘Undaunted’ - our partnership with Imperial College London that supports climate-positive startups tackling the climate crisis head on.

We hear from Alyssa Gilbert, Director of Undaunted, and Katherine Mathieson, Director of the Ri, about the exciting work Undaunted is doing, alongside a sneak peek into some of the innovations.

Contact Katherine and Alyssa, and learn more about Undaunted and the Greenhouse startup accelerator.