Suze Kundu

Elected Trustee – May 2020

Suze Kundu
Suze Kundu

Dr Suze Kundu is a nanochemist, literally and professionally, and a science communicator. Suze is Director of Research and Community Engagement at Digital Science, a technology company that invests in and nurtures tools that make research the most effective and efficient it can be. Prior to this, Suze was an academic for six years, teaching at Imperial College London and the University of Surrey, having completed her undergraduate degree and PhD in Chemistry at University College London.

Suze collects degrees like Pokémon, the latest being a Masters from Imperial College London that focused on outreach initiatives and their impact on the retention of women engineering graduates within the profession.

Suze is a presenter on many shows on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic, a science expert on TV and radio, and a science writer for Forbes. She is a vocal ally for better representation of all people in science, and STEM careers in general.

Through her role at Digital Science, Suze is involved with the Research on Research Institute who, amongst other things, are helping identify the barriers to diverse inclusion in all research processes, and recommending solutions.

Suze is also a public speaker, having performed demo lectures and scientific stand-up comedy at events all over the world, on topics ranging from Cocktail Chemistry to the Science of Superheroes. She is a regular speaker at the Royal Institution, and to date the only person that has got engaged inside Michael Faraday’s actual laboratory in the basement of the Royal Institution; well, joint-first if you count her now husband, a former Xmas Lectures producer himself. The risk assessment for the proposal now resides in the Ri archives.

Suze is catmamma to her two tuxedo cats, Bellatrix and Faraday, and in her spare time devours all things Disney and dance-related.

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