Jack Stilgoe

Appointed Trustee – 2022

Jack Stilgoe is a professor in science and technology studies at University College London, where his research and teaching focus on democratic engagement with science and new technologies. He has been an advisor to various parts of the UK Government and the European Commission and is a regular media commentator. He has written for the Guardian, Nature, The Lancet, MIT Technology Review, The Literary Review, OneZero and elsewhere.

Among other publications, he is the author of ‘Who’s Driving Innovation?’ (2020, Palgrave) and ‘Experiment Earth: Responsible innovation in geoengineering’ (2015, Routledge). He is a fellow of the Turing Institute. He previously worked in science and technology policy at the Royal Society and the think tank Demos and has been a trustee of Involve, the public participation charity, and the Orpheus Centre.  

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