Welcome Ramadan Conference 2024 at the Ri

The Royal Institution of Great Britain (Ri) collaborates with the Ramadan Tent Project to host the Welcome Ramadan Conference of 2024

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center During Daytime
Sam Rana via Pexels

The Royal Institution of Great Britain (Ri) is thrilled to collaborate with the Ramadan Tent Project in hosting the Welcome Ramadan Conference of 2024, which not only celebrates the spirit of Ramadan but also emphasises the vital role of cultural institutions in engaging with under-represented communities, embracing co-creation, and ensuring heritage accessibility for all. 

The Ramadan Tent Project, founded in 2013, is a registered charity dedicated to fostering community cohesion and understanding by sharing food, culture, and dialogue during the holy month of Ramadan. It has evolved into a global movement, hosting Open Iftar events (the meal to break the fast) in public spaces to welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. 

This partnership between the Royal Institution and the Ramadan Tent Project signifies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Central to this collaboration is the principle of co-creation, where both organisations collaborate to organise the conference. The inclusive nature of this approach ensures that the event truly represents its participants' diverse perspectives and priorities, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging among all involved. 

Furthermore, the Welcome Ramadan Conference underscores the Ri's dedication to opening its heritage to all. By actively engaging communities and hosting events celebrating various traditions and values, we aim to showcase that scientific institutions can and should be inclusive spaces welcoming individuals from all backgrounds. This enriches the institution's cultural fabric and fosters cross-cultural exchange and collaboration opportunities. 

This collaboration stands as a testament to the ability of cultural institutions to forge connections between communities. Through the principles of co-creation and accessibility, we aspire to inspire a world where differences are embraced, and diversity is viewed as a source of strength. As we progress, we hope to continue developing impactful community partnerships and collaborations. After all, we are the home for science, and everyone is welcome. 

Tickets for the Welcome Ramadan Conference 2024 can be purchased here