The Ri and TikTok bring together science communicators and TikTok creators for #Science event

A demo in the Ri Theatre watched by TikTok creators

The Royal Institution of Great Britain, working in partnership with TikTok brought together creators and science organisations to show, discuss, and demonstrate how to achieve the best practice in science content creation and storytelling to engage a younger demographic on TikTok. The event aimed to foster collaboration and highlight best practice in science communication on the platform.   

Hosted in the iconic Faraday Theatre, TikTok and the Ri shared experiences and insights, while the Ri’s renowned demonstration team showcased eye-catching live action science and visually compelling content suitable for TikTok. Former CHRISTMAS LECTURER and materials scientist Mark Miodownik shared his experiences of communicating science to achieve impact while TikTok creators shared their expertise and how they produce viral videos on TikTok and their creative journeys to engage younger audiences on the platform.    

Attendees were treated to an array of science demonstrations underlining the importance of showing and demonstrating science in order communicate scientific ideas to younger audiences.  

Speaking about the event and the importance of working with TikTok to the Ri, Dr Daniel Glaser, Director of Science Engagement said:   

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with TikTok and to showcase engaging science for younger audiences on the platform. The TikTok Creators Event at the Royal Institution brought together science communicators and creators to share knowledge and explore ways in which potential future collaborations could be forged between organisations and creators. We hope the event inspired attendees to creatively develop their science communication on TikTok and sparked new collaborations and partnerships.”

Reflecting upon TikTok’s partnership with the Ri, Edel Flood, Head of Lifestyle & Education, UKI & Nordics said:  

"On TikTok we see a thriving community come together every day to share their creativity and passion for learning; from life skills such as cooking, to subjects like history and science.  

"Through this partnership with the Royal Institution, we hope we can continue to nurture this curiosity, and encourage even more science lovers, experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and creativity with a global audience. Together, we hope we can make science and learning even more accessible" 

Since the Ri’s foundation in 1799, the Ri has been at the forefront of science communication, innovating and playing with how science is shared with the public.   The Ri started on TikTok in 2021 and this year partnered with leading TikTok creators to develop original new science video content videos on the platform. Working with leading video sharing platform TikTok continues the Ri’s work at the cutting-edge science communication.

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