Mathematical games

Activities using logic and tactics (in collaboration with NRICH)

Key stage: 2
Subjects: mathematics, games, logic


  • To use mathematics to help develop strategies for winning mathematical games
  • To be able to generalise the strategies so that winning is always guaranteed
  • To become more familier with the NRICH website as a source of problems and games
  • Teachers should read through the following activity ideas and make their own risk assessment for them before proceeding with them in the classroom.


In this masterclass, pupils will play three games in turn, all taken from the free NRICH website. Each game uses particular mathematical concepts and knowledge, and by applying their understanding of these ideas, learners will be able to develop a winning strategy. Ultimately, the aim is for them to be able to win each game even when the starting points are altered. The games used are the Factor and multiples game, Got it and Square it.

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