Supercharged: fuelling the future

Saiful Islam leads an incredible journey through the invisible presence that drives everything around us in the 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES on energy.

About this series

The 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES describe something invisible that drives everything around us, from our bodies to mobile phones, from aeroplanes to all the stars in the universe… ENERGY.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just transforms from one form to another – the challenge is whether we can harness and use it for our own purposes when it changes from one form to another. The three Lectures take us on an incredible journey through these powerful transformations to inspire the next-generation of scientists.

In each lecture, Professor Saiful Islam faces a big question – what is energy and where does it come from, how can we best make use of it, and how can we store energy to use later on? Along the way we learn about the energy that powers our homes, the energy that powers our cars and see how the most important machine of them all, the human body, compares to all the gadgets we carry around with us.

While Saiful has access to amazing cutting-edge technology, it quickly becomes clear that we are a long way from meeting the energy demands of the future. The real solutions and great breakthroughs will come from tomorrow’s researchers, quite possibly the young people watching the Lectures.

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