The magical maze

Make maths relevant. Make it electric. Watch Ian Stewart in our 1997 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

About this series

From the 1997 DVD companion:

Okay. We all know that mathematics can be about as interesting as watching a silent movie wearing a blindfold. The trick is to make it relevant. Make it electric. Plug mathematics in and make it live! Professor Ian Stewart does just that. He's a best selling author whose enthusiasm for his subject spreads like a forest fire through his audience. In the 1997 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures he shows how maths governs almost every aspect of our lives, ranging from our birthdays to American game shows, calling in at panthers, petals, and the logic of chaos. 

If you're already interested in mathematics, these lectures will remind you of the magic. But if you've yet to see the beauty and fascination of the subject, why not let Professor Stewart remove the blindfold for you?