The chicken, the egg and the molecules

Discover proteins, DNA, and the world they create. Watch Baron David Chilton Phillips and Max Perutz in our 1980 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

About this series

The programme from 1980’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES reads,

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is one of the best known of all riddles without an answer but it is now giving place to a new riddle about the molecules from which chickens and eggs – and human beings – are made. These molecules are the proteins and the nucleic acids.”

This series of six lectures, five presented by David Phillips and one with Max Perutz, showcases the complexity and importance of the proteins that make up so much of life. The lectures weave through the DNA helix, unravelling the mechanism that links DNA and protein production, and asking ‘which came first, the DNA or the protein?’ 

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