The CHRISTMAS LECTURES are engaging and mind-expanding television programmes for all ages but particularly children and young adults.

  • Christmas Lectures 2016

    Credit: Paul Wilkinson
  • Dr Peter Wothers presents The Modern Alchemist in 2012. 

    Credit: Paul Wilkinson


In 2018 biological anthropologist, author and TV presenter Alice Roberts, and genetics expert Aoife McLysaght, brought our evolutionary story to life, taking viewers on an immersive voyage through our shared evolutionary past and asking challenging ethical questions about what the future holds.

This was the story of us – our past and our future – in all its deep-rooted, diverse, and surprising glory.

Some of the issues in the lectures around Nature, Nurture and Identity were explored further in our Unisex Toilets Debate Kit.

The Lectures were supported by LRF, Genetics Society, UKRI, Schlumberger, and BGI.


We are currently developing the concepts for the 2019 CHRISTMAS LECTURES and we expect to announce the topic and the Lecturer in August 2019. The Lectures will be recorded on 12, 14 and 17 December at the Ri and broadcast on BBC4 between Christmas and New Year.Tickets will become available to Ri Members in September 2019. We will also be live streaming the recordings to a small number of venues around the UK. These venues will also be announced in August.

The award-winning online engagement team behind ‘I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here’ will produce a Debate Kit for community groups and schools to explore some of the ethical and moral questions raised by the lectures, which we will launch in October 2019.

And the I’m a Scientist team will allow members of the public and school groups to take part in live online chats in January. Their questions about the science and engineering behind the Lectures will be answered online by the Lecturer and a team of professional scientists and/or engineers working in related fields.

To achieve the impact of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES we are entirely reliant on the funding we raise through ticket sales, donations and sponsorship. This enables the impact of our work to reach far beyond our famous lecture theatre, because we receive no guaranteed support for the Lectures, either from government or through endowments, to cover the costs each year.

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We are currently in the early stages of developing the concepts for the 2020 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

The timetable is as follows:
March 2020: Youth Summit to explore young people’s viewpoints on the topics that we intend to discuss
August 2020: Announcement of the lecture topic and Lecturer
October 2020: Launch of the Debate Kit
December 2020: Recordings of the Lectures and TV broadcast
January 2021: I’m A Scientist Zone


After broadcast, the Lectures go online for everyone in the world to watch for free right here on the Ri's website. We’re currently digitising a large archive of past Lectures, which will regularly be added to the catalogue.

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Each year the CHRISTMAS LECTURES TV programme is the centrepiece of a national conversation about the place of science in our lives. You can be part of it in any or all of the following ways:

If you are an Ri Member you can come to the live recordings of the Lectures in December.

If you are involved in a community group you can download our Debate Kit to explore the moral and ethical aspects of the Lecture topic.

If you are a teacher you can register your school for the I’m A Scientist Zone, or download our Debate Kit. You can also use our teaching resources which are available via the home page for the relevant year’s Lectures.

Support the CHRISTMAS LECTURES by contacting our Development team.

Learn about the history of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES in our books exploring iconic Lectures and Lecturers of the past. Examining what we thought we knew then and what has been discovered since, each book is packed full of Ri archive content such as handwritten letters, photographs and transcripts.

Help unearth missing Sir David Attenborough footage and other iconic science TV shows by searching long-forgotten attics or little-used store cupboards to unearth missing episodes. In total 31 episodes broadcast between 1966 and 1973 are missing, including footage of Sir David Attenborough not seen since it was first broadcast live nearly 50 years ago.


Each year we take versions of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES on tour.

This is part of our international programme which sees us take our world-leading science content to venues in the UK and around the world.

In 2019 we will be visiting Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The CHRISTMAS LECTURES is a registered trademark. Contact xmaslecs@ri.ac.uk for more information.

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