CHRISTMAS LECTURES Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions for attending the 2022 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

Young people in the audience at the 2019 Christmas lectures

This agreement constitutes the terms of the contract between you, a customer of the Royal Institution of Great Britain (hereafter ‘Royal Institution'), and us, the Royal Institution (Ri), registered charity number 227938 and Windfall Films Limited (“Windfall”), part of the Argonon Group.

The CHRISTMAS LECTURES will be filmed for possible inclusion in television programmes provisionally entitled ‘Royal Institution CHRISTMAS LECTURES 2022’ (the “Programme”), which Windfall proposes but does not undertake to produce for the BBC.

The audience at the CHRISTMAS LECTURES will be recorded both for the Programme and for other exploitation and the recordings, as part of the Programme or otherwise, may be broadcast or otherwise exploited worldwide by all means and in all media (whether now known or hereinafter invented).


Virtual audience

Only one session is available per household and we request that maximum two people are in front of the camera at a time.

Please be aware that anything behind the Young Person(s) will be visible for everyone (including any viewers of the Programme) to see, so it may be best to ensure that there is nothing visible behind the Young Person(s) before logging into the session. If we do film the session with anything visible behind the Young Person(s) you grant us permission to use this in the Programme or in any exploitation of the recording of the session.

Please ensure that the Young Persons do not use any recording equipment during the session and have turned off their phones.

Physical audience

Young Person(s) will not be able to use their phone or devices during the filming and they will need to be switched off. Parents/Guardians can contact the Royal Institution in an emergency, contact details can be made available, if requested.

It is also important that anyone attending as part of the audience for the CHRISTMAS LECTURES agrees to comply with any Covid-19 protocols that may be issued. Please be aware that we are not able to guarantee that anyone attending as part of the audience for the CHRISTMAS LECTURES will not be exposed to Covid-19. Therefore, you should consider both the medical health of anyone attending the CHRISTMAS LECTURES (and any specific risks associated with Covid-19) and that of those in your household or others with whom they may come into contact.  If there are any additional circumstances that we should know about in order to protect you and others, please advise us as soon as possible.

To attend the filming of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES in the Theatre each adult must be accompanied by at least one junior ticket holder. Junior ticket holders (Young Persons) must be aged 11-17 years (proof of age may be requested).  

Young Persons and adult ticket holders are seated separately for the CHRISTMAS LECTURES, with juniors seated downstairs and adults in the gallery. The events team will only seat adults downstairs under exceptional circumstances. Seats are not numbered and the events team will allocate the seats. 

Please note that the production crew may, for operational reasons, need to move people to different locations in the Theatre on the day, but we will try to keep such changes to a minimum.


By purchasing a ticket to the CHRISTMAS LECTURES, you confirm that you are the parent/legal guardian/or have obtained the appropriate permission from the relevant parent/guardian, for all the Young Person(s) attending and/or viewing the CHRISTMAS LECTURES.


You acknowledge that you understand that we may record you and/or the Young Person(s) as members of the audience for the CHRISTMAS LECTURES (the “Contribution”) and that we may store, edit, copy, adapt or translate your and/or the Young Person(s)’s Contribution at our discretion; and that it may be used worldwide, in all media now known or developed in the future and you agree that you, and you on behalf of the Young Person(s), give all necessary consents required by law to enable Royal Institution, Ri and Windfall to use the Young Person(s)’s Contribution as they may desire.

You acknowledge you understand that if any of the Young Person(s) becomes directly involved in the CHRISTMAS LECTURES, for example by asking a question, or otherwise interacting with a Lecturer/Guest Lecturer (“Featured Contribution”) that they, or if they are under 16 their parent/guardian, will be asked to sign a separate release form to confirm their consent to the use of their Featured Contribution.

The unauthorised use of photographic, sound or film equipment in the venue is strictly prohibited. Unauthorised recording may result in the tape or film being destroyed, and removal from the event without a ticket refund.

Special requirements 

Hopefully you will have informed us at the time of payment of any particular accessibility requirements that you or your party may have. If you haven’t yet, please contact us as soon as possible on +44 (0)20 7409 2992. We need to know this information in advance so that we can ensure that we are able to accommodate you appropriately.

Privacy notice and programme privacy notice

Your trust is very important to us. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information and the personal information of any Young Person. It is important that you read this notice so that you are aware of how and why we are using your and the Young Person(s)’s information. This privacy notice describes how we collect and use personal information about you and the Young Person(s) during and after your relationship with us, in accordance with data protection law.

Windfall on behalf of Royal Institution (and Ri) is the “data controller” of your and the Young Person(s)’s personal information for the Programme. This means Royal Institution, Ri and Windfall decide what your and the Young Person(s)’s personal information is used for, and the ways in which it is processed. As the data controller, Windfall has the responsibility to comply, and to demonstrate compliance with, data protection law. Should you wish to know more about how Windfall will manage your data please visit:

The Royal Institution’s privacy policy can be found here:

The information you provide will also be provided to Windfall and used by Windfall for the purposes of the production, recording and exploitation of the Programme (and any related future productions of the Programme) and fulfilling Windfall’s contractual obligations to the broadcaster and distributors where Windfall has balanced those obligations against your and/or the Young Person(s)’s rights, freedoms or interests. Any Special Category personal data provided to us by you or the Young Person(s) will be processed for the purposes of producing journalistic or artistic content for publication in the public interest.

You further expressly acknowledge on behalf of yourself and the Young Person(s) that the Programme has substantial public and commercial interest and processing your personal data and/or the Young Person(s)’s personal data will be necessary to comply with legal obligations; and that the Programme maybe archived as a record of your and the Young Person(s)’s capacity and for the purposes of historical/public interest


Broadcasters and Creative Diversity Network (CDN) are monitoring diversity on UK television through Diamond. They have a legitimate interest in collecting diversity information about our industry, and if you provide us with the Young Person(s)’s name(s) and your email address we will enter this in a system called Silvermouse and you will be invited to provide diversity characteristics on behalf of the Young Person. The characteristics you will be asked to provide are age dependent. The broadcasters and CDN, as data controllers, are responsible for this data and will retain the Young Person(s) name and your email address for this purpose in Silvermouse for as long as diversity is monitored by them. They also collect information about how viewers might perceive diversity on screen. Further information about Diamond can be found here:

Event changes

The Ri reserves the right to make any alterations to speakers, event content, event timing and/or event venue, and will make reasonable efforts to contact audience members to inform them of any changes. The Ri will not be held liable for any changes made to the advertised event.


As the CHRISTMAS LECTURES are extremely popular, if you and/or the Young Person(s) are unable to attend a Lecture either virtually or in person we would be grateful if you could let us know by emailing at least 72 hours in advance of the date of the Christmas Lecture so that we can re-allocate your place. Please note that this supersedes the Ri’s normal cancellation conditions. A £2.00 administration charge per ticket may be deducted for any refund given.