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Are you interested in sharing your enthusiasm for mathematics, engineering and computer science?

Royal Institution Masterclasses give able young people a chance to engage with the wider mathematical, engineering and scientific landscape through working with enthusiastic, expert presenters to explore the applications of mathematics and engineering.

Speakers are chosen for their ability to share their insight and enthusiasm as well as their subject knowledge. Each speaker develops a class based on their own area of interest within maths or engineering. The Ri Masterclass team supports new speakers in developing a masterclass which includes theoretical depth and hands-on activities. 


  • At school I had always enjoyed the sciences, but it wasn’t until I was studying physics at a higher level that I came to fully appreciate the importance and beauty of maths...

    Yr 9 Engineering Presenter

  • ...I believe it is vital to help children to recognise the relevance of maths early in their school careers so they can appreciate it and discover the wealth of exciting opportunities that flow from studying it.

    Yr 9 Engineering Presenter

  • For a long time maths held no interest for me whatsoever; when I went to my first Masterclass it really did change everything...

    Mathematics Masterclass speaker

  • ...I had never realised before that Maths involved ideas and imagination - Maths has pretty much dominated my academic life since!

    Mathematics masterclass speaker

Find out more

A good starting point is to arrange to visit a local group to see a masterclass in action. The masterclass ideas in our resources section can also give a sense of the sorts of activities you might wish to include in your own session.

For some excellent insights into conveying the importance of mathematics, you can watch Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman talking about how to engage young people with mathematical proofs. His 1978 CHRISTMAS LECTURES were the inspiration for the Ri Mathematics Masterclasses programme.

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If you would like to find out more about becoming a Masterclass speaker please get in touch by emailing or telephoning 020 7670 2942.

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